If You Want To Energize and Focus your Work and Ministry And Have All But Given Up… Here’s Hope!

Many Christian leaders are struggling to make their business survive. Most of you actually yearn for much more: you also want to make a difference in the world. This larger picture gets lost in what can be an overwhelming whirl of details and the pressure of the bottom line. Your sense of confidence, passion, or direction is lost. You are in the exact opposite place of where you thought you would be at this point in life. Because of this dynamic, a painful percentage of Christian businesses and ministries fail every year, leaving a trail of debt, failed dreams, and broken hearts. The result is that you feel:
  • Dispirited
  • Exhausted
  • Burnt-out

You can still make it right.

The good news is that the answer to your success and contribution is much simpler and easier than you would expect. When people have a full heart- when you feel nourished, cared-for, and safe- the challenges begin to recede and often clarify into a more manageable context.

You can:

  • Experience a deepened awareness and relationship with God.
  • Learn practices that will keep you spiritually centered, regardless of circumstances.
  • Use ancient disciplines and disruptive technologies to gain a clear picture of who you are.
  • Find your home with a group of like-minded believers.

If it’s so easy, why am I still stuck?

You become depleted because you are forced to face parts of your work/ ministry that make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. Most people feel comfortable with parts of their business, but not all of it. Even for an experienced business person, “business as usual” can feel exhausting. This discomfort causes feelings of frustration, fear, anger, or sadness. It seems easier to avoid the whole situation than to face it.
Even if you can’t put this truth into words, you know it in your heart. It’s that constant feeling of unsettledness. Additionally, you are afraid that if you pursue a solution to the discontent in your soul, you will be misunderstood by your family, those closest to you, or even your church. So you decide to “suck it up and deal with it.” Unfortunately, ignoring the situation causes even greater struggle, and perhaps failure.

Put the focus on your heart and watch your ministry fly.

The best thing to do is to find expert support to face the situation, and get what you really need. Rather than more know-how, or improved performance, what’s really needed is to receive strength and nourishment to remedy the depletion of energy, spirit and focus. Once full, you succeed. What’s more, when you feel full and successful, it becomes easy to serve customers, congregants and community in a way that creates deep satisfaction and helps the business thrive. First we help you get there, and then we help you live there.
Red Backpack has supported hundreds of Christian leaders and ministry professionals in facing these uncomfortable and depleted places, with extraordinary results.
With a unique combination of results driven training and heart-based healing, we help you make the connection between your soul and your business. Sucking it up and dealing with it is not the answer anymore. There are effective and proven tools available for you right here to get the relief and to regain a life full of enthusiasm, success and personal well-being.

Here’s how to find out more.

If you have read this far and you think you might be interested in the program I invite you to a complimentary Mapping the Path strategy session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the program and whether it’s right for you.
In this session we will explore your unique situation, what kind of results you would like to experience in the near future and whether this program may be of help or not. Whatever the outcome, you will leave the conversation with more clarity and enthusiasm about what’s possible. The conversation will take about an hour and can be done in person, by phone, Skype or Google Hangout. Fill out the contact form below and I will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours.
I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Bill Todd Red Backpack

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